Computer Architecture

| March 21, 2015

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the questions are in the attached word file and pictures , they depend on my id (100038668) , you can read the word file and return back to the questions that are in the pictures , please when you solve the questions i need to know the procedures of solving the problem and please use the rules mentioned in the presentation attached.

Solve exercise 4.5 from your book.

Assume that the CPI for instruction C for M1 is 1+the least digit of your ID and the CPI for instruction C for M2 is 1+the second least digit of your ID. [20 marks]

Solve exercise 4.6 from your book.                                                                [20 marks]

Assume that the floating point arithmetic percentage is 60%+least digit of your ID and the parallelizable loops are 90%-least digit of your ID.


Solve exercise 4.12 from your book.                                                             [20 marks]

Assume that the speed for M1 is 1.(least digit of your ID) and for M2 is 1.5+0.(least digit of ID).

Solve exercise 4.16 from your book.                                                             [20 marks]

Assume that the percentages for the floating point operations and integer/control instructions are:

20 + least digit of your ID and

80 – least digit of your ID respectively.


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