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Income Statement and Retained Earnings The Senger Company presents the following partial list of account balances taken from its December 31, 2007 adjusted trial balance:

Sales (net)


Interest expense


Cost of goods sold


Operating expenses


Common stock, $5 par


Retained earnings, 1/1/2007


The following information is also available for 2007 and is not reflected in the preceding accounts:

1. The common stock has been outstanding all year. A cash dividend of $1.28 per share was declared and paid.

2. Land was sold at a pretax gain of $6,300.

3. Division X (a component of the company) was sold at a pretax gain of $4,700. It had incurred a $9,500 pretax operating loss during 2007.

4. A tornado, which is an unusual and infrequent event in the area, caused a $5,400 pretax loss.

5. The income tax rate on all items of income is 30%.

6. The average stockholders’ equity is $90,000.


1. Prepare a 2007 multiple step income statement for Senger Company.

2. Prepare a 2007 retained earnings statement.

3. Compute the 2007 return on stockholders’ equity (net income Xaverage stockholders’ equity).

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