Computational Finance

| March 16, 2014

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Prefer to be contacted by email. If possible please send your email adress in order to contact you directly. Periodically sent me draft of the personal statement. Personal statement should include important parts of my achivements, my desire to study computing, my experience and background. I am going to apply to MSc Computational Finance with a year in industry at Royal Holloway University. I can send my CV if needed. I can cut some parts you have written or to ask you to rewrite if needed.
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6) "AA-DD" model: a new look at policy effects in the short-run ("temporary") vs. long-run("permanent")context (ch 16, 17) . The IMF: nature, purpose and function; system collapse (ch 18). the european union and the euro: the history of fifty-heat movement toward close integration; problems and issues, introduction to international finance: derivatives: forward, option, swaps their roles in modern global economy (ch 20, 21). finally development issues: capital flows and debt crises of the last quarter-century; the changing tole if the IMF and the word bank; the role of MNE's; future prospects (ch 22)
Income inequality between Americans and Immigrants


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