comprehensive reports

| October 16, 2015

Please read carefully and follow the instructions.
And do No. 4 in the requirement as per attached. please see the attached

Be aware that, this class focus on renewable technology sustainability.

((( 4- Towards the end of the semester, students will write 1 comprehensive reports: 10-15 pages long, excluding figures etc. on topic of their choice ie the book/topic they have been reading throughout the semester. This is not a summary of the book and must not exceed 15 pages. This is also to be presented as a power point presentation. Think of this presentation as presenting to the class.
A Draft to be submitted in the 11th week. Ie week of Nov. 4th. So I can give you feedback)))

The book I choosed is ((Green petroleum: how oil and gas can be environmentally sustainable / edited by M.R. Islam, M.M. Khan, and A.B. Chhetri 2012))


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