Comprehensive Policy

| May 18, 2015

Create a comprehensive policy-related paper on the issue of Student Assessment and using a thematic or conceptual approach as well as differential background sources explains that issue using one of the following conceptual framework. You must support your policy- related issue in APA style and peer review articles ONLY

Impact & Innovation Analysis – an impact/innovation analysis generally is conducted before a reform is initiated. It is done to look at the impact and innovative potential of an action across various individuals, groups, organizations etc. to ensure outcomes which are beneficial. A defensible impact analysis generally contains the following components:

•Action statement -This describes how your proposal will help resolve the issue and why you want to address it in the first place. It also is clear about to whom the impact statement is being addressed, e.g. a school board, local government councils, state or federal legislators and their advisers and legislative aides. What innovative ideas and strategic planning are included in the reform proposal that makes it different?
•Impact – the benefits. The impact of your works is in the answer to the question “What is the payoff?” and “Who will benefit?” An impact could range anywhere from improved test scores, to safer schools, to more effective STEM programs at the K-12 level. Not all impacts need to be quantitative; some can improve the quality of life in a school and community, or a change in attitudes or aspirations of actors and stakeholders. Impacts and innovations should also be discussed both in short and long terms as well as institutional transformations. Will this reform be sustaining or disruptive? Or both.
•Innovation – using criteria regarding innovation from various sources (OECD, UNESCO, IMF, P21reports, and relevant surveys) highlight why this reform would be considered innovative and what innovative best practices would be included.
•Assessment – How will your impact be assessed?
•Generalization – In what settings and to what populations will your results be applicable?
•Sustainability – How will the policy and its innovative aspects be sustained?


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