Comprehensive Management Report

| May 19, 2015

This week you will assemble your work into one comprehensive management report to the client. The report should include all work from the previous six weeks. When compiling your work into one report for this assignment, do NOT condense the report. The report should include the entire body of work you have completed for the first six weeks of this class. With the cover page and the reference page, the report should be 13 to 16 pages with a minimum of two references each week (total ten or more references). The required minimum page count includes the cover page or reference page(s).

The simplest way to do your Week Seven report is to set up your document and add to the report each week as you complete your weekly papers.

You can copy and paste your weekly paper into your Week Seven document but be certain to write a transition paragraph at the beginning of each of the sections so that the Week Seven report flows properly.

You also should copy and paste all of your references into the Week Seven document each week.

You can use section titles and subtitles to make your report more visually appealing and facilitate communicating your message.

I will upload the other 6 papers that you have written, please combine them using the instructions and write transition paragraphs in between each paper. Thanks

This does require 10 sources, but all the writer has to do is cut and paste them from the previous 6 papers.


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