Compliance-Why people comply to group requests

| February 8, 2014

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The project may be carried out in the format of a theoretical paper and the upper word limit is 3.000 words. The project should be carried out following APA formatting procedures. Note that; for learning outcome 1, I am expected to demonstrate learning in the following area: ”Areas of social-psychological study, and asses qualitative and quantitative methods of research used in this field, whilst evaluating the ethical implications of the complexity of social and cultural issues.
Concerning the topic ”In order to address the above statement, you should also be aware of information about Social Influence- as stated below and proven in much research, individuals feel a need to conform to group norms, comply to group requests, and yield to the demands of authority. Simply put, and as stated below, as one moves
along the continuum the actual degree of social influence increases.
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