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| February 25, 2014

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We are looking to have a written report on Ford and our individual findings and justification for our decision regarding selecting to invest in this firm. This report is for our Managerial Finance class. I would like for you to read the 2008-2012 Annual Reports as well as all other documents that I have attached to see what Ford has done. Focus on the 2012 Annual report. We need to write about what Ford has done and why their debt has decreased. You will look at other sources such as CNN, Forbes, and any other sites you can think of. Once all is reviewed we need to explain what our projections for Ford will be in next 3-5 years. What our final decision be to invest which we say yes in investing in this this company. In 2008-2009 Ford had many issues in 2009 I believe they sold Volvo. Write at least 1-2 paragraphs on their acquisitions. You need to focus on where they are going. *** Please see attached document Final Project which provides the overview for the entire project, this is just the Written Report part. Please see in the “Output” section of the document instructions on the Written Report.
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