Compensation and Benefits Paper

| June 22, 2015

A research paper, addressing an area related to compensation and benefits should be constructed in MS Word. The paper should be 5-7 (double-spaced) pages long, excluding pages associated with title pages or bibliography. In other words the body of the paper should be 5-7 pages (1 inch margins – 12 pt. font – Times New Roman or Arial). The paper should be documented using an APA documentation style and should be double-spaced and include at least six sources in addition to the text of the course. The work should address a contemporary, important aspect of the concepts you are learning. A review of the text’s Table of Contents should give you some ideas for topics from which to choose. The purpose of the research paper is to expose the student to concepts in the real context of compensation and benefits. The student’s topic choice should be presented to the instructor for approval via your course e-mail no later than the end of week 3.
The paper should not simply be a review printed material. It should go further and integrate research information from outside sources with the information discussed in your textbook. The focus should be on synthesizing and reporting the research information with topics studied in your text. Remember that what you say is not as credible as what others have said. The most important parts of a research paper are the parts that reference what others say. The larger profession brings greater credibility to your paper through referencing the work of others; however, to show that you understand the material presented, at least 50% of what is written must be your original work and words.
Today, employers and employees are faced with multiple challenges when designing and administering benefits and compensation packages. Those challenges include, but are not limited to, balancing employee life/work issues while maintaining long term organizational sustainability and profitability. As an example, employers are, in ever increasing numbers, opting for benefit packages with defined contributions rather than defined benefits. Articles found on Web pages may be used, however, web articles are not as credible as peer-reviewed journal articles and should not represent the majority of outside sources used.
Learning resources to help students succeed academically are available through the Limestone College Library. Library resources for Distance Learners will be most helpful in providing you with up-to-date and peer reviewed sources for your selected subject. It can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. There is also a web-link in your course for APA style. It is located under the Tutoring Services tab.
The HR 303 Compensation and Benefits Paper is due at the end of Week 7: Papers will be submitted to by the professor to check for originality of the work. Remember, at least 50% of the material submitted must be the student’s original work-that means your own words. Submit your paper to the appropriate dropbox. Those papers submitted late will have 10 points deducted for each day they are late and after one week will be graded zero.
Academic Integrity Policy
Limestone College holds its students to high standards of academic integrity and will not tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation, or deception. Such acts of intellectual dishonesty include, but are not limited to submitting another’s work as one’s own, facilitating other students’ acts of academic dishonesty, using Internet sources without citation, or any other form of plagiarism.

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