compare Incorporation of sliding rail and piston mechanism

| June 19, 2015

Topic: compare

Do a comparison between these two options below, devide the advantages and disadvantages for them:

3.1 Option 1: Incorporation of sliding rail and piston mechanism

The wheelchair right hand side frame to be modified by creating an electrically operated sliding mechanism, to allow the frame to slide down just below the wheelchair seat level on rails, mounted on the wheelchair front and back frames at the press of a down button. When the wheelchair is in this position, aligning with the shower seat (frame) or toilet seat on the right hand side, pressing the side button on the control panel would launch the wheelchair seat with the help of pistons to move to the right hand side close enough for the person to hold the grab bar and move onto the toilet seat or shower seat frame to use the toilet, shower or get into bed unassisted. The controls can also be remote operated for retraction and relaunching once the user has finished showering; using the toilet, or whatever the case maybe.

3.2 Option 2: Incorporating seat lift, and piston mechanism

The second option involves installation of a wheelchair seat lift under the seat, to lift the seat above the arm rest position, before operating the button for the piston to move the seat close to the shower seat frame, toilet seat or the bed. The rest of the control operations used in option one will be applicable to option 2. The specifications for the seat lift, piston and hydraulics and swivel system should have the capacity to support an average weight of 120kg.

The initial power to operate these systems will come from the battery; therefore the battery should have adequate capacity supply the required power and a good charging system to ensure power is readily available when required. The battery itself will be a sealed one and maintenance free.


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