Compare and Contrast two short stories The Interpreter of Maladies and The Management of Grief

| April 6, 2014

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Compositional Context- Formulate a specific thematic structure that you offer in your thesis and develop in your topic sentences/ Statements of argument. Explain and develop this interpretation by citing passages and the interpolating specific phrases that clarify your argument and buttress assertions. This series of interpretations is the main body and anchor of your essay. Do not generalize; locate specific ideas and moments to anchor and embody your essay’s interpretative argument. Study chapter 18 to clarify your understanding of Interpretative claims. This essay must include a substantial number of references to and citations from the assigned commentary essays. It is a college level, interpretative argument essay. Your essay must be at least 800 words in length- excluding principal citations- and meet all MLA format requirements.
Literary Context- the short story and postcolonial thought- Your essay actively engages the short story and its formal attributes (setting, narration, tone theme, etc) and the central importance of representation. These stories explore many issues common to post-colonial works and your essay uses that critical lens to compare and contrast the development of their characterizations and major themes.
Compare and Contrast- Your essay will compare and contrast two short stories, The Interpreter of Maladies and The Management of Grief. Your comparison and contrast MUST engage the critical lens of Post-Colonial thought. It must also be framed by the thematic concerns discussed in class: These include the following rhetorical and conceptual structures. The belief that we as human beings "share a world (no matter how partially) with the ‘other’ culture, a world whose causal relevance is not purely intracultural." That the two stories explore moments when that sharing is "traumatically imposed" or a lesser degree of imposition. The essay will primarily focus on characterization and thematic development to compare and contrast these two stories.
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