Compare and contrast two related texts using relevant techniques of description and analysis

| March 27, 2015

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Identify the key language choices that construe the particular communicative purposes of the texts and the social meanings that they make. Situational contexts and broader socio/cultural context. Briefly comment on the implications of analysis for a pedagogic related context that you have experience of.
The main focus of the analysis is on texts analysis, methods and theories that underpin such an approach

Transcript of Sex and the City: Just say yes


  1. Identify a TRP where:
    1. the 3rd rule seems to operate (other speakers do not pick up the potential TRP and so present speaker continues)
    2. the first rule operates
    3. the second rule operates
  2. Identify examples of using ‘sound’ (intonation, volume. Pitch, length) to convey meaning
  3. What can these aspects of language study tell us about the characters and the identities they project vis a vis others in the group? Their identities in this group and their relationships with each other.


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Syntactic theory


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