Compare and contrast the teachings in the foundation period of Hinduism and Buddhism

| March 11, 2014

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I would like you to refer to 5 sources. One must be "Major World Religions from their Origins to the Present" (Ridgeon, L., Routledge/Curzon 2003) and the others can be any resources in relation to the topic.
Here are a few you might want to use:
– “Hinduism” (Radhakrishnan, S. 1975) + "Buddhism (Sangharakshita, Bhikshu, 1975) In A Cultural History of India (A. L. Basham)
-“Revelation and scripture in Hinduism” In A Survey of Hinduism (Klostermaier, Klaus, K. 1994)
– “The Roots of Buddhism” In Buddhism (Bradley K. Hawkins, 1999)
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Religious affiliations and relationship stability


Category: Religion and Theology

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