Compare and contrast the role and significance of intense psychological states in Romantic texts you have studied. Consider this question by comparing and contrasting Byron’s Childe Harold Canto III with two other A207 texts of your choice.

| April 6, 2014

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Please read the instructions:
1-in planning your assignment you should take account of the following advice:
This assignment offers you an opportunity to analyse and compare the significance of intense psychological states in Romantic texts you have studied in this module. Note that possible ‘texts’ include paintings, buildings, poems, music, drama, sculptures, historical documents, philosophical treatises, hymns and autobiographies. It is helpful to name your two chosen texts in the introduction to the essay.
2-You should begin by making clear what you understand by ‘intense psychological states’. For example, do you intend to discuss these in the form of inner conflict, tension or an intense mental or emotional experience? Set out in your introduction your reasons for thinking this theme is important in your chosen texts and indicate briefly the role it plays in them. The simplest approach would be to move on next to discuss the role of intense psychological states in Childe Harold Canto III before going on to discuss the issue in your other two texts. As you move on to discuss each text, take care to identify its main similarities to and differences from the other texts you discuss. By following this method you will be well placed to stand back from each individual text and write a conclusion that provides an overarching answer to the question set.
3-The theme of intense psychological states is most easily discussed in relation to particular figures or characters featuring in a text. You may also choose to discuss an artist’s or writer’s presentation of himself or of writers or artists in general (for example when engaged in creativity). Whatever your approach, keep biographical information to an absolute minimum and focus on textual evidence: we cannot assume that the psychological states discussed or represented by artists, writers or composers were actually their own. You should make frequent reference to the detail of each of your three texts in order to support the points you make.
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