Compare and contrast the pros and cons of public and private sector security convergence efforts

| March 6, 2014

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Each student submits a 12 page (minimum less title and reference pages) paper written in MS-Word and APA (sixth edition) format examining one of the contemporary issues discussed during this course in detail. The student may submit a paper on another relevant topic providing the professor approves the topic selection ahead of time (see the second option below).
The paper must identify the following:
The contemporary issue (define it)
Discuss the issue from at least two viewpoints (comparison and contrast)
Define its applicability to the security profession
Provide a summation
The paper is written using the APA (sixth edition) style as a guide for paper formatting and citations. See below for details
All papers must utilize a minimum of three verifiable reference sources and must be written using APA style format. Minimum page length is twelve double-spaced pages exclusive of title and reference pages
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Qualitative and Case Study Research
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