compare and contrast Olympic-style lifts and power lifting lifts.

| May 26, 2014

Discuss the pros and cons of using Olympic lifts (clean, snatch, & jerk) versus Powerlifting lifts (squat, deadlift, & bench) for the development of speed and acceleration. Consider the training level of the athlete, equipment needed, maturity level of athlete, and other non/modifiable factors.

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n spite of 21st Century conveniences and technology, we sometimes cling to older ways of performing simple but necessary daily tasks. Write an essay of 500-700 words that points out the advantages of doing or making something in an "old-fashioned" manner. Explain how and why you learned or use this less modern method. What skills and knowledge are reinforced by the older method you use? How or why are these skills and knowledge still important in a changing world?
Vignette of a Couple: Robert and Sophia

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