Compare and contrast Ferguson and Kandaswamy's arguments about the politics of marriage

| February 9, 2014

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Use the sources below to compare and contrast Ferguson and Kandaswamy’s arguments about the politics of marriage Ann Ferguson “Gay Marriage: An American and Feminist Dilemma” Link: Priya Kandaswamy “State Austerity and the Racial Politics of Same-Sex Marriage in the US” Link: My professor is looking for: Clarity and Specificity of Language: I must be able to understand the points you are attempting to make. As we have discussed over the course of this semester, not all assumptions about gender, race, and sexuality affect everyone in the same way. Be sure to be clear about who, when, and where the circumstances of your argument are taking place. A Clear Argument: Each essay must make a claim that is addressed throughout the piece and supported with evidence from the readings. Definition of Terms: At the very least, define the terms as you understand them. Using the readings to define the terms would exceed expectations. Proper Citation: Follow the proper citation format as we have discussed it throughout the semester. Appropriate Citation: The evidence you use from the texts must make sense in relation to your argument and provide support for your claims. Analysis: Don’t let the quotes speak for themselves. Be sure you provide a discussion of the way you understand the quote you are using, why it is important, and how it fits into/supports your claim/argument. Focus: Given the brevity of these essays, be sure to stay on topic providing relevant information that does not lose sight of the larger goal—to prove your argument correct. Organization: Make sure you provide relevant information and definitions early on in the essay so as to build your reader’s knowledge and provide logical transitions from one topic to another. Thank you so much !!!
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Same sex marriages have become a controversial issue in the American society. According to Ferguson (2007), the support of same sex marriages undermines heterosexual families. On the other hand, if it is not allowed, it undermines the civil right of homosexuals. Kandaswamy (2008) delves on the specific benefits that the gay and lesbian activists seek to access through these unions. A close scrutiny of both writers reveals several similarities as well as differences about the politics of marriage. First and foremost is the fact that same sex marriage is opposed in both cases. Kandaswamy observes that same sex marriage has been met with vitriolic opposition from many of the very conservative of family values who support marriage in welfare policy (707). On her side, Ferguson says that the campaign to change state legal requirements of marriage to allow gays and lesbians to marry created the greatest controversy among all the public policy questions raised in the last U.S. presidential election (43).. Secondly from the above arguments it is clear that marriage in both cases is controlled by the state…ORDER NOW
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