Compare and contrast biological and psychological theories of crime

| September 30, 2015

Book used: Criminology, 8/e
Freda Adler, Rutgers University – Newark
Gerhard O. W. Mueller, Rutgers University – Newark (Deceased)
William S. Laufer, University of Pennsylvania
ISBN- ISBN-10: 0078026423 | ISBN-13: 978-0078026423
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Copyright year: 2013
1.Describe the early history of criminal theory and its application to crime control.
2.Compare and contrast biological and psychological theories of crime.
3.Summarize how social control theory applies to delinquent behavior.
4.Examine the application of various theories of crime to the justice process.
The learning objectives will be measured via a standardized grading rubric appropriate for the rigor expected in a 300-400 level course.

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Category: Criminology

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