Compare and Contrast

| November 12, 2015

Compare and Contrast
No outside source need
Go over each of the individual reports; compare and contrast the answers you got from your managers.
(1) Our Managers: Shortly, who were the 4 managers interviewed (i.e. their organizations, fields, departments, managerial levels)? You can use bullets here. (2) Differences Among the Managers: Write about any differences among the managers’ approaches, responsibilities, priorities, preferences, and actions, etc. What primary factors cause these differences (e.g. the employees that manage? their industry? the size of their organizations? their managerial level? etc.)
Grading rubric:
1. Effort invested in this work. The writing reflects that the team put much effort and attention comparing and contrasting the managers (based on class topics) and writing their own conclusion / analysis.
2. The writing provides in-depth coverage of the required topics/sections, and assertions are clearly supported by class topics and evidence.
3. The writing clear titles/sections showing all of the required topics. Paragraphing and transitions are clear and very good
4. The writing has no major errors in word selection and use, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

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