Compare and analyse the case study using social disorganisation theory AND anomie and strain theory

| April 19, 2014

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critically analyse the case study in relation to the crime committed, the offender, victim, associated facts and penalty handed down. In your answer you must explain how the theoretical approaches help to understand or explain the case study by comparing/contrasting the theories and in doing so outlining the STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES of the theories.
This is not a descriptive narrative so please do not simply relate the story of the offence, or describe the individuals involved- you must apply your theoretical understanding to your analysis of the crime.
Assessment Criteria:
1. Demonstration of in depth understanding of chosen theoretical concepts and
tools of analysis;
2. Ability to apply theoretical concepts to case study through in-depth discussion
of crime, offender,
3. victim,associated facts and penalty handed down;
4. Ability to engage in critical discussion;
5. Ability to summarise and evaluate qualities of theories chosen for analysis;
6. Ability to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the two chosen theories
7. Demonstration of information literacy skills ie ability to appropriately locate,
evaluate and use relevant academic research and literature;
8.Demonstration of academic writing skills, logical coherent argument, clarity of
written expression including overall presentation (grammar, spelling, written
expression, etc);
9. Appropriate and consistent referencing.
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