comparative literature between Ophelia (from Hamlet) and Juliet (from Romeo and Juliet ) as tragic heroines

| April 4, 2014

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The research paper is to comparative Ophelia and Juliet, the thesis for the research paper is “what make this two ladies tragic heroines”, i need at least 10 total paragraphs(1 for intro, 8 for body, 1 for concluding), i also need 2 or more psyche theories and philosophical concepts to analyze the characters using allusions and direct references. it would be nice to have 3 quotes for each body paragraphs, at least 3 allusions for the whole research paper. research the historical background of the time and place setting of the play and weave it into the analysis or devote the first body paragraph to it. research basic biographical facts about the author that can be weaved into the analysis or the paragraph with the historical info.
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Mami Wata
Analyze the women whom Suha visits, especially Nur and Sita (the doctor).


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