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Project description
its a REFLECTION PAPER on “SONG OF SONGS”,for the “COMPARATIVE LITERATURE” course, should have informative and inviting titles(not just: the song of songs. papers should be double spaced, with “justified” one-inch margins on both sides as well as top and bottom. use a standard academic font type( such as times new roman, size 10). paragraphs should be intended. when you cite passages from the text within your paper, enclose the passage in quotation marks, unless the passage is 2 or more sentences long, in which case, the passage should be indented and single-spaced, and the quotation marks removed. the page number of the passage that you cite should follow the passage in parentheses. at the end of the paper, include a list of works cited, following standard MLA bibliographic format.
******make sure that the first paragraph of the essay contains a precise, delimited thesis statement, which can reasonably be proven in a short paper. make sure that your thesis is sufficiently modified or limited so that it is a defensible statement about the texts under question, which can be reasonably addressed.
REFLECTION PAPERS do not offer either summary or mere description. in reflection papers, focus on a single main aspect of the text or texts that intrigue or puzzle you. the point is not to write about you, but to illustrate your best understanding of the text or text.advance your main idea on the 1st paragraph, and develop it in subsequent paragraphs, you might think about what the text means to show, and the form in which it does this, or what one of its central claims is, and how one might evaluate that claim. include some brief question and some brief phrases( enclosed in quotation marks) from the text (and followed by page numbers or in the case of THE SONG OF SONGS,chapter and verse numbers), as these phrases relate to the main point of your reaction. write for an informed reader(your professor or a fellow student who has read the text).

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