Comparative and contrasive essay

| May 20, 2015

1-write a 900 word essay
2-mla format
3-essay should include introduction with a thesis statement title in italics of both films and directors
4-body includes examples from each film with the ethical decision being made
5-include quotes from the films as evidence
6-conclusion includes all aspects and reflection with the ethical decision
7-do not do any research ideas should come from you and the film
8-only research is from the films. these are your primary sources. there must be quotes from the films. the films must be cited correctly using the mla format as a works cited at the end of the paper
9-no first person “I” view.
10-mode is compare and contrast write about similarities differences or both. must follow block or alternating pattern format.
11-topic is your choice of one set of the two films of the six.
12- choose one of the groups of two films from the three sets of two
13-compare and contrast the ethical decision of each character. what was the event that led the characters to their decision? what was the decision? how did each character reach his or her decision? how was the film effective in conveying this?

Film choices;

1-norma rae (1979 20th century fox)martin rite/ silkwood (1983 abc motion pictures) mike nichols

2-coming home (1978 jerome hellman prod.) Hal ashby / scott camil will not die ( 2011, substream films) georg koszolinski

3- a better life ( 2011 summit entm) chris weitz ) / the namesake ( 2006, fox searchlight ) mira nair




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