Comparative anaylsis on Ataturk and Reza Shah

| May 12, 2014

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This is a comparative analysis of Ataturk and Reza Shah, their similarities and differences and how their reforms have impacted their respective nations, the legacy they have left behind and most importantly how their reforms have impacted Today’s Turkey and Iran. Turkish and Iran identity crisis should be written in regards of how today’s citizens of Turkey and Iran are caught up between Islam and secularism. How Ataturks’ banner of Turkishness has impacted the minorities especially with regards to the Kurds. The basis of the essay is written but it is very choppy and it needs a good flow. The essay should flow well and have a strong conclusion. The concepts of illiberal democracy, multiculturalism, and Constructivism should be integrated into the essay where you see best fit. The end should bring everything together in a strong way.
This is a good article on illberal democracy.
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