Comparative analysis of three different health systems

| February 24, 2015
Instruction: Prepare an article for publication which is a comparative analysis of three different health systems (one of them must be Australia Health care system).
In your article you should address the following:
1. Compare and contrast the design and functioning of the three different health systems.
2. Explain why they are different.
3. Comparatively evaluate the three systems utilising a comparative analytical framework.
4. Evaluate proposals for reform in each of the systems.
This assignment is to be presented as if you are submitting a manuscript for publication (editorial, commentary or debate). You may follow the guidelines for authors as set out in one of the following journals:
The Australian Health Review:
The Asia–Pacific Journal of Health Management ? (follow the links on the left hand side of the home page)
Australia and New Zealand Health Policy
The intent is to prepare the document to publication standard.
Reference texts
The following reference texts may be useful to you. (use at least 2 or 3 from them )
They demonstrate different perspectives and together with the readings will provide sufficient background material for your studies. However remember any text is by definition out of date and more current information will be available on websites or the published literature.
Palmer, G. R., Short, S.D. (2010). Health Care and Public Policy: An Australian Analysis (4th ed.) Australia: MacMillan Publishers.
Duckett, S.J. The Australian Health Care System (3rd Edition) Australia: Oxford University Press.
Harris M and Associates. (2006). Managing Health Services Concepts and Practice (2nd ed) Marrickville: Mosby (Elsevier).
Taylor S, Foster M, Fleming J. (2008). Health Care Practice in Australia. Policy, Context and Innovations. South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

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