Comparative analysis of Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation

| January 30, 2015

Comparative analysis of Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation is the largest enterprise software company worlwide and is also a leading provider of hardware services and products. The company is involved in innovation where it develops, manufacture, market and distribute hardware systems and application softwares in different parts of the world. The Oracle products and services are built in high quality standards and within customer requirements and specifications. The company throughout the ages has continued to offer secure and reliable hardware and software solutions that are meant to improve business efficiency and adapt to organizations’ needs at a lower cost.

Microsoft Corporation

The Microsoft corporation was founded back in the year 1975 with a mission to enable relaize their full potential in the technology industry. the company develops and markets new software and hardware products that deliver new opportunities to consumers at a greater convinience thus enhaning value to people’s lives. The company at the moment serves over more than 100 countries in the continent. The company’s revenue generating unit is from the development and licensing of a large number of software services and products at an affordable cost. Despite this, the company also do online advertising that has become a modern trend of marketing products that generates high revenues.

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