company executive summary

| September 5, 2016

1. Summary description the firm including a brief description of the key product or service, the relevant market, and analysis of demand including the principle factors that influence demand, and the implications for revenue. 2. Brief description of the principal inputs, production processes, indicating any significant changes in technology and analysis of trends in productivity. 3. Summary of the behavior of costs, short-run and long run, indicating the principal factors that influence costs and their impacts as indicated by cost trends. 4. Summary of the competitive environment, analysis of the key measures through which firms compete (pricing, quality, brand, innovation, etc.) and discussion of potential changes in the level of competition. 3. Company Performance and Managerial Effectiveness 1. Through-time (trend) analysis of the firm’s performance (using the Dupont framework as an organizing template for your discussion) 2. Cross-sectional analysis and comparison of the firm with benchmarks: industry competitor and industry benchmarks 3. Discuss the effect of the firm’s accounting choices on the financial statements 4. Future Prospects: 1. Integrative assessment of current company performance, focusing on principal sources of competitive advantage, investment potential, and credit-worthiness. 2. Integrative overall outlook for future performance 5. Appendix 6. Footnotes 7. Bibliography


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