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| October 16, 2015

Before we can dive into the management process, you will need to create your business for the class project. The company can be in any industry that you want, as long as it’s realistic and appropriate. Consider creating a business that you’re interested in, passionate about, and have existing knowledge of. It’s also smart to focus on an industry that you may want to have a career in. It’s important to be original with your idea and avoid completely copying an already existing business. In fact, many students use this project to test out a business that they’re planning on starting in the future.

The assignment will be a PowerPoint presentation to potential investors. You will need to introduce your business, explain why it will be successful, and sell your audience on investing money. Make sure that you adhere to APA standards and address the following points provided in the list below.

Project Specifications

Create the PowerPoint slides for the presentation that you will be giving to the company owners.
Create a title slide with your new business’ name.
Create at least one slide that describes what your business does and how they do it.
Create at least one slide explaining what about your business is unique from the competition.
Create at least one slide that explains which function of management is most important for the business to be successful and why you made this choice.
Create a final slide that summarizes why potential investors should be interested in the business.
Any additional information that you wish to include about the product or service.
Keep a professional tone when creating the presentation. It should appeal to your audience of potential investors.
Use proper spelling, grammar and APA format

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