Company Consultancy Report about how to effectively implement green marketing into an cosmetics company

| February 12, 2014

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Next to my already submitted and passed Thesis about green marketing in the cosmetics industry I have to write a company consultancy report about a company operating in the cosmetics company.
The company I have chosen is a young startup that is called Naif and I already have all the needed information available.
It is really important that there is now plagiarism at al in my report since I need to graduate on the report and they will control very strictly.
Take a good look at the files I submit like my thesis, the guide of the CCR, the research proposal and the company information.
For further information about the company Naif you can take a look at
It was also said to me that I need to take a look at ISO26000 about consumer issues and that I need to implement this in my report as well
The format of the Company Consultancy Report is visible at page 19 of the guide.
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