Community health and wellness: Primary health care in practice

| March 26, 2015
Assessment: Written Assessment
Length: Maximum 750 words plus poster
References: More than 9 references (within 6-7 years) in additional to prescribed textbook. If you find more than 6-7 years old
references which are fully relevant to questions answer you can put that references in your references as well but firstly try to
search current references
References Style: APAv6
Prescribed textbook: McMurray, A., & Clendon, J. (2014). Community health and wellness: Primary health care in practice (5th ed.).
Chatswood, Australia: Elsevier.
PHC= Primary Health Care
Aim of assessment
The aim of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the application of PHC concepts
and health promotion practice with particular reference to the health of Indigenous Australians.
Details of the assessment
A DVD, (or TV program, YouTube video) concerning Australian Indigenous health issues will be used as a trigger for students to respond
to 5 questions relating to the PHC principles and health promotion elements identified in the DVD.
In order to complete the assessment you will:
– Access and view the program ( a few times so that you can become familiar with the
– Reflect on the content and identify ways in which the principles of PHC and Health Promotion (HP) are demonstrated.
– Review on-line learning materials. Reflect on what you have been taught about the health of Aboriginal Australians and factors
influencing their health.
– Read and watch the additional learning materials and do some searches yourself for background material about PHC, HP and Aboriginal
health, as well as other programs aimed at improving the social determinants of health for Aborigines.
• This short answer paper has a word limit of 750 words (maximum) including in text references.
• Additional to the written component, a health promotion poster will also be submitted
• The poster does not contribute to the word limit
• Answers to questions 1-4 will have a maximum word limit that will total 750 words including in text references. Word limit for each
question will be identified with the questions.
• The fifth question will involve preparation of a health promotion poster hence there is no word limit requirement for this question.
Note: See attached file in the name of Questions for assessment for details of Questions and each questions word limit

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