Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper

| July 29, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Read all of the community resources and character scenarios in Episode 5 of Season 2.

Click Season 2 from the Season menu at the top of the course home page.

Click Episode 5 from the Episode menu.

Click on Neighborhood News under the Neighborhood Information menu and read the articles for this episode.

Continue by reading the scenarios in all of the Health Care Settings and the Households.

Write a paper about community emergency preparedness and response.

Include the following in the paper:

Explain the events which took place during Episode 5, focusing on the following areas of The Neighborhood™ 2.0:


Senior center


Bley household

Examine the actions of health care workers in response to the health concerns of key characters within this episode.

Explain the role of the public health care teams in The Neighborhood™ 2.0 in the emergency preparedness.

Explain the role of the nurses that initially responded to the emergency.

Explain other types of nurses that should monitor the effects of this emergency on community health.

Explain how other types of public health agencies (local, state, and national) could have assisted with The Neighborhood™ 2.0 hospital’s situation.

Explain how public health care teams can enhance the citizens’ preparedness for community emergencies.

Explain how could the public health care teams in The Neighborhood™ 2.0 have assisted the Bley household?

Offer suggestions to enhance personal preparedness for this type of emergency and similar community emergencies.

Cite all research sources according to APA guidelines

Referencecs within the past 5 years

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