| August 3, 2016

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The writing assessment for this week is one where you will use the Ted talks you viewed for this week. Go back and watch them again so they are fresh in your mind. Using the information you learned in your reading this week, think about how you would assess the community described by Haas & Hahn:

  • What kind of community is this?
  • What theory would it be based upon?
  • Assess the different aspects of the community presented using the framework presented in the text (pages 395 – 398 in the 4th edition)
  • How is power gained and used in this community?
  • What role would social workers play in the empowerment and maintenance of this community?

Please make sure paper address

  • Integration and Critical Analysis

Identifies and integrates relevant theories, concepts, trends, and/or issues relevant to the discussion; demonstrates proficiency in critical thinking skills.

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