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| December 30, 2015

You are required to do the following for your content analysis assignment:
1- Select 3 American ads, and 3 Arab ads from the categories I assigned you in class. The ads should cover the three product categories we agreed upon. Ensure that each one American ad and Arab ad should be from the same brand.
2- Compare and content analyze the 3 American ads and the 3 Arab ads using the themes (see Kalliny & Gentry’s article on cultural values in ads) we discussed in class. Delete, alcohol, tobacco , and contraceptive from the product category. Add: role of women in ads, and use of celebrity to cultural values.
3- Your coding sheet will include the cultural values of Kanlliny & Gentry, in addition to the following:
A: Role of women in the ads
B: Role of Celebrity in the ads
C: The rational appeals as well as the emotional appeals.
4- Write a short report about the results and your discussion and submit it on SafeAssignment by Jan. 3, 2016. Your report should also include the online addresses of the sites from which you got your ads.
These are the links:
Volkswagen Ads
Chevrolet Ads
Hyundai Ads

So basically I found 3 car brands (Volkswagen, Chevrolet and Hyundai) and for each brand I found 2 ads (US AD AND ARAB AD) and I put the advertisement link beside each.
So what you have to do is fill a coding sheet for each brand (so in total you need to fill 3 coding sheets) according to the video fill the coding sheet. ( I will upload this coding sheet)
After filling the three coding sheets, write a 2 page report talking about it. Attach the 3 coding sheets that you fill.
Thank you

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