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| April 8, 2015

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Prepare two 400-word essays and submit them by email to me, your TA. Both essays can be on one document. In Essay 1 prepare a 400-word essay to persuade a friend to join a group of interest to you, pick up a hobby that you like, purchase something you find very useful or interesting, select a certain academic major, or to attend MSU. Any topic is acceptable as long as the goal is to convince your friend to do something that is important to you.

In the second 400-word essay your goal is to describe the life of a student at MSU. You can describe your daily routine as a student including where you live, how you get to class, the kinds of classes you’re taking, or an interesting story about one of your friends. Any topic is acceptable as long as the goal is to describe something about your daily life as a student at MSU.

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