Communicable Disease Control: Tuberculosis

| February 24, 2015
Communicable Disease Control: Tuberculosis Paper Guidelines: 1) Choose a community health nursing-related health topic that affects or potentially will affect the public’s health. Examples may include broad topics such as: bioterrorism, communicable disease control, environmental health issues, cultural impact on health, poverty, migrant health, compromised populations, violence and abuse, health care policy, or global health issues. 2) Review current evidence-based literature on this topic. The American Journal of Public Health, Public Health Nursing, and Family and Community Health are some examples of peer review journals you may use. Select at least three peer review journals that relates to your topic of interest. Your text book can also be a source of reference (Public Health Nursing Population-Centered Health Care in the Community by M. Stanhope &J. Lancaster). Submit your paper to turn-it-in on the due date. 3) Using your articles, write a 5 page paper [excluding title and references pages] on your selected topic. Answer the following questions in your own words with the use of the APA guidelines. No Plagiarism allowed. a. Describe the health issue. Discuss the significance of the topic to the population and to you. Why did you choose this topic? Show statistics 20 points b. Explain why your topic is an issue of concern for the public. Who is affected by this health issue and why? Tuberculosis is communicable disease transmitted through airborne contact. It is easily spread so it affects everyone. Especially those that are considered vulnerable population i.e. individuals living in poverty and crowded living conditions. 20 points c. How would you as the Community Health Nurse solve this issue? Include collaboration from professionals, organizations, and agencies and multilevel approaches. Incorporate current Community Health Nurse Practice and provide examples of innovative and effective nursing interventions. As a community health nurse I would assist with the educating the public and screening individuals, especially those in vulnerable population. Also provide healthcare resources that may assist in improving living conditions and access to healthcare. Involve elected officials, public health departments, churches and local resource centers (ex.YMCA). 20 points d. Conclude with implications for the Nursing practice of the Community Health Nurse now and for the future. What are your recommendations? Reference CDC and Healthy People 2020 from the internet. 20 points e. APA guidelines followed. No in text citations only paraphrasing 10 points f. Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure appropriate. 10 points Total 100 points I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to work on this writing assignment. I have added some italicized words to the grading rubric for easier writing. Please contact me with any questions. Again these notes are not mandatory just suggestions.

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