Common Problems in Office Ergonomics

| February 9, 2014

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This paper has to be based on on a strong source related to the topic. It would be great if it can be someones analysis. Whatever the source is it has to be strong and quotation must be used from the source. Lines must be taken from the source and put in quotation and explained. The research paper should include the problem and then give the solution and than conclusion. Below I will attach what and how I will be marked on so that you know what to put exactly. I found one article on website you can check this out I will talk to my teacher and let you know if this one is appropriate but try to use internet as a source as i have to print and hand it to my teacher.
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Workplaces today have experienced a radical shift in design and arrangement. This can partly be due to the cultural shift, increasing interaction and cohesion amongst people therefore leading to blends of different backgrounds in one place as well as adoption of new technologies and ideas that are aimed at enhancing respective management styles in offices around the world. This has meant that the general principles regarding office equipment, for example chairs, computers and telephones are bound to change from time to time with respect to the factors aforementioned. As a result, the disabled, such as those who are blind and partially blind may find themselves in a difficult position to cope with the work environment plan and designs. Introduction Majority of workers in developed countries do their work while seated. This means that poorly designed furniture at the office can lead to devastating implications in health, ranging from mild to severe. These health effects may range from back pains and headaches to extreme orthopedic conditions. The general principle of that aims at countering these problems at the work place is what……..ORDER NOW
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