Comment on the narrators reaction to the Japanese tourist with reference to writing structure

| January 13, 2014

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Book: Handmaids Tale
Task: comment on the narrators reaction to the Japanese tourist with reference to writing structure, Diction, point of view here are some notes i took down in class of the outline of the essay, i hope you can use them.. please answer the question comment on the narrators reaction to the Japanese tourist, perhaps refer back to the question in the introduction and the conclusion if you find it appropriate.
narrators Reaction: fascinated- by their clothing
shocked-she has internalised the rules jealous – they can wear what they wish and she misses being able to paint her nails with nail polish
The essay should have 5 main bodies:
Introduction 2 – 3 sentences is fine
1st body- structure short sentences – shock possessive pronouns – ownership japan-group can speak but she can’t
2nd body – Point of View
1st person narrator
eyes- judging them
present/flashbacks/introspection realizes she used to dress like that she is looking at them, they seem strange to her
3rd body – Diction
shoes torture
birds-innocent unknowing words get you into trouble, she does not know what to answer the Japanese guide
naked exposed visceral – of the body and a conclusion.
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