Come up with localised strategy for targeting the Chinese retail market for an foreign department store chain

| October 31, 2015

You need to come with strategies that would allow a department store chain based in an advanced country (no country in particular just general) to successfully establish a market presence in the Chinese market. What is important is that these strategies has to be tailored to the market conditions in China that takes into account the cultural differences and the fact that China is an emerging/underdeveloped economy. Basically all arguments that you will come up with has to be based on those differences and the strategies have to be localised to meet those two differences outlined in the last sentence and therefore different from the ones likely to be used at home by the company. I want there to be as many ideas as long as they make logical sense and are supported by
evidence (which will need to be all referenced). When I say emerging/underdeveloped market I mean low income levels as well as other comparative lack of institutional factors. Also, please remember that it is a foreign department store chain not just any retail business so their usual field of operation is high end retail NOT discount stores or supermarkets

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