Com 102: Interpersonal Communication

| September 27, 2015

Com 102: Interpersonal Communication

Over the course of the semester you’ve seen how films/TV shows can serve a great tool for the practical application of concepts or theories discussed in class and in your textbook. While not every movie can be used there are certainly hundreds of films that function as strong illustrations of Interpersonal Communication concepts. For this assignment you will select a film and discuss its ability to showcase specific interpersonal communication theories, processes or concepts of your choice.
Film Guidelines:
1) The film you select must be available on DVD or Blu-ray.
2) It can be a domestic or foreign film (as long as it meets the aforementioned criteria.)
3) The film you select must demonstrate at least three major concepts from your textbook.
Paper Guidelines:
1) This paper must be typed, and should be between 2-4 pages.
2) This paper MUST be submitted as a MS WORD document or PDF file (Format: .doc, .docx, .pdf)
3) You must follow the format of the “sample film assignment”.
4) You must list the relevant info about the film in the proper format (see “sample film assignment”).
5) You will create an original (don’t copy mine) discussion question for EACH concept you list.
6) You must answer the discussion questions that you propose. (Your analysis of the film must directly apply each of the concepts selected.)
7) Each Discussion Question Response should developed completed and be roughly 5-10 sentences.
8) You should assume that I do not know the film you’ve selected and thus your writing must be very clear and accurately explain the concepts and apply them to the film.
9) You will be graded on your ability to follow the guidelines listed above as well as the quality of your writing.
For detailed movie information see these web sites:
Take a Look at the Sample Paper

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