| February 16, 2014

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This is your final shooting assignment in the class. It will allow you to use all that you have seen and read about in this semester. The purpose of this assignment is to see what you have retained after 15 weeks of looking at pictures and hearing about photographers.
You may pick a subject of your choice from any of the genre discussed in class. It can be anything, but you must be able to creatively capture it with more than 10 images. You must give me a creative, visual interpretation of your subject that speaks a message or feeling, without any words at all.
You will select 2 images that show your subject. Place those in a word document and describe your artists intent, that is…what you are trying to convey. Be ready to tell me why your picture demonstrates this intent and whether or not you feel it is successful. This should be a page or two maximum, but not less than 1 page.
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Hongkong Cinema and Mainland China Cinema


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