CollegeAmerica Drug and Sexual Addiction Theme in Goblin Market Poem Paper My working hypothesis: In the poem, Goblin Market, by Christina Rossetti, drug u

CollegeAmerica Drug and Sexual Addiction Theme in Goblin Market Poem Paper My working hypothesis: In the poem, Goblin Market, by Christina Rossetti, drug usage and abuse is a central theme, in a post-modern era, the effects that drug addiction plays on everyday life is similar to how the “modern drug addict” functions.

I think I need to make it a little bit more specific.. totally open to changing it though

This paper requires a minimum of five sources. One of these five sources is your literary focus text. The other four sources must be academic, peer-reviewed, secondary sources (no Wikipedia, government websites, blogs, newspaper articles, opinion pieces, or encyclopedias). Please review the skills sheet on finding appropriate secondary sources. You should be using our library’s website ( to an external site.) to find these sources. Note: if you go over the required number of sources, you may use popular forms of media as additional sources. However, they cannot count toward that minimum.

Your paper should be at minimum 2000 words in length. It should have the following components:

An original title (not “Paper 2” or the name of your focus text) that reflects the focus of your paper;
An introductory paragraph that sets up your topic and includes a thesis statement that is specific, arguable, narrow in scope, and addresses the stakes of your argument;
Multiple body paragraphs that each include:
A clear topic sentence about the text that is a claim, connects back to the thesis, and reflects the main point of the paragraph;
Multiple quotations and pieces of textual evidence that support the claim that you make in your topic sentence and that are integrated into your own sentences;
Multiple sentences that explain specifically what these pieces of evidence mean and that link them back to your topic sentence;
A final sentence that serves as a transition statement to your next argumentative point in your next paragraph (which should be clearly indicated in the next paragraph’s topic sentence).
Use as many paragraphs as you need to prove your point. Each paragraph should have its own clear main idea, and each paragraph should only have one main idea in it. So, that means you may have 2, 3, 4, or even 5 body paragraphs. Don’t restrict yourself to the five-paragraph-essay formula.
A conclusion paragraph that invites further discussion or opens up your topic. This paragraph should not rehash your thesis and main points from your paper (that’s very repetitive!).
A Works Cited page, on its own page, that includes your primary text and four academic sources (plus any other texts you cite in your paper) in MLA format. This page does not count toward your 2,000 words.

Your audience for this paper is a reader who has read the primary piece you’re analyzing and knows it fairly well. That means you should not spend time summarizing the plot of your piece: just focusing on analyzing the text and proving your claim. Your tone should be formal (no contractions, swearing, or colloquialisms). If you have questions about any of this, ask!

Failure to meet basic assignment requirements will result in point deductions (ex: up to five points for formatting; up to five points per 150 words under the required amount).

I have posted a copy of the rubric I use below in the checklist; do consult it before submitting your paper.

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