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| February 12, 2014

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Georgetown application question : what factors influenced you into studying business
I want perfect application essay for Georgetown.
I want them to know that i am part of a big family which owns a lot of Business in Honduras but i want to make a change, I just don’t want to be one Of the bunch and start working in one of my family business. I am also interested in letting they know how important y grandfather’s role is in this Paper; he started from the bottom, with nothing and never stopped working not even when he was sick. Even though he is no longer with us he made us learn what work is, what being humble is and what being responsible Is. I am a guy that is very into nonprofit organizations and will also want to make a better place. I live in a third world country were we battle Poverty daily, crimes, etc but even though all those problems I am thankful My family has taught me well, has made me a man that wants to make a change Not just one more in the family am interested in letting them know that my Interest in applying to Georgetown to business is not merely because my Family is making me, or because i already have the doors open to one of the Many family businesses but because i want to make a change.
I want to make a great first impression on my college application to Georgetown.
I have been considered a leader since I was a young boy, back in school I always had people follow what I started. It goes the same way in my family. My sister is three years younger than me and has always looked up to me, I have to learn as a person that if I want to be the leader I must first know what I stand for, what my vision is, I have to be clear about my values my roots and where I come from .I can be sure that I am considered a leader to myself, I follow what I plan, I am aware of what I want, I am committed and always stick to what I want to achieve.
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