coherently argued theme

| June 19, 2015

coherently argued theme

Choose from one of the following questions and work your response to the question into a coherently argued theme. You may revise the question to come to a theme that interests you, but be sure to check with your tutor-marker about your revised topic. One important caveat: limit your selection of poetry to those found in the Perkins textbook.

Can poetry ever be written from “emotion recollected in tranquility”? Is it the guarantee of truth in expression that Wordsworth thought?
What is William’s attitude to Dorothy in “Tintern Abbey”?
Which of the four poets risks the most? (Note: Answering this question is likely to involve you in comparisons with the other poets, but this will mean you will need to focus on one or two of these, keeping some in the foreground and others in the background.)
How is one of Keats’s poems an anti-manifesto? The argument in the Study Guide attempts to give you some background for your answer. Use the letters to help develop your response.
Which of Keats’s letters did you like the most? Use this letter as a way to explicate one or two of the poems.
Can you detect some of Wollstonecraft’s (or Godwin’s) ideas in Shelley’s Defence? Support a reading of one of the poems on the basis of this aspect of the manifesto.
Who is the most ecologically minded poet we have studied this term?
Is the “Shape All Light” of the Triumph of Life a wholly benign muse?

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