Codes of Conduct/ Forensic Frauds

| September 29, 2015

Please read the readings and answer the following topic questions in a short paragraph form for each topic.
Topic 1 Code of conducts
Of the three (3) documents provided as reading material: ABC; AAFS; and ASCLD/LAB, which document has the best interest of ensuring that a criminalistics will not commit fraudulent work (analysis, testimony, providing educational background, et cetera)? Please explain.
If you were a member on the board of ABC; AAFS; or ASCLD/LAB, discuss additional professional conduct statements you think should be added to ensure proper conduct from criminalistics?
Topic 2 Forensic Frauds
You have read articles pertaining to fraudulent work committed by Fred Zain and Joyce Gilchrist. Why do you think they were able to continue their work for such a long period of time? How do you think fraudulent work could be avoided? How should these employees be dealt with (retrained, fired, demoted, et cetera)? Please explain and please keep budgets in mind.
In addition, do you think that requiring all criminalistics to become certified in their area of expertise would prevent scientists like Zain and Gilchrist from performing fraudulent work? Similar to physicians or lawyers, who are required to take a board examination prior to practicing in their occupation, should criminalists have the same requirement to become certified?

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