Coca Cola and its entry into Australia

| May 20, 2015

PLEASE ADDRESS THE MAIN POINTS. My professor noted that my previous paper did not address the main points as instructed. I will attach the first draft of the paper, and you may incorporate any useful information if you wish.

Guidelines from the syllabus

Main Elements
This research paper must include the various aspects of an MNC (Multinational Corporation) operating in a foreign country. You must choose an existing company (I have chosen Coca Cola) that has already entered an industry in another country (Australia). Your paper should include the following elements from a management perspective:

• Describe the company, the industry, and the target entry or operation (Australia)
• Assess the risks, opportunities, and threats, in terms of political, legal, and economic environment
• Describe the cultural differences that create obstacles for entry and operation, including such differences in language, religion, customs, and/or leadership styles that affect business interactions and negotiations
• Describe, in detail, the entry strategy and operating procedures of the company and the reasons for that strategy
• Include possible recommendations for alternates or improvements for the entry strategy or operating procedures in the host country
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