Coaching Theory and Practice

| March 22, 2015

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The subject area is not Psychology. The course I am studying is Applied Social Science and the unit is Coaching, but these were not options in the drop down menu.
The Essay is a Reflective Essay:
Reflect on a change that you would personally like to make. Write a reflective essay discussing the change in light of the principles of coaching.
Your reflective essay should include:
Identification and explanation of the personal change you would like to make.
Identification of your goals and direction in relation to the change.
A critique of the role of goals and clarity of direction when planning change.
A critique of your personal experience of change in light of theories and models of behaviour change in coaching.
Evaluate the relevance of theories and techniques of coaching (e.g. CBT, Solution Focused, RET, ACT) to the change.
Reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the unit.
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critically review the literature on the diagnosis, etiology, and treatment of Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from this ‘biopsychosocial' perspective.
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