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| July 16, 2015

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Each week every student will submit a paper of at least 2 full pages (double-spaced, APA formatted) in which they discuss a hypothesis that will be provided. The student will use the textbook, any assigned articles, plus at least three other academic sources to explain why the assigned hypothesis should be accepted or rejected.
Students should work on these projects without the assistance of classmates. The student should adopt a concise and succinct writing style for these assignments. The first paragraph should be a topic paragraph saying whether the hypothesis should by accepted or rejected. The rest of the two pages should be justification. These papers will have no room for “fluff” or opinion unsupported by academic literature. you can accept or reject this hypothesis, it is completely up to you. I think it should be rejected but I will leave that call to you. Remember all sources must be no more than twenty years old and must be peer reviewed articles. Sources from “The Academy of”, “The Journal of” etc. no new articles, newpaper articles or magazines.
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