Co-constructed Coaching reflective Assignment

| January 18, 2015

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• You have explored with a partner leadership incidents that have occurred in your organisational context. These incidents are likely to be aspects of leadership of others that have impacted on you or reflections on your leadership practice.
• With your partner you will have explored these incidents using relevant leadership theory to help develop greater insight into what was occurring and why.
• In many ways the format follows the Kolb (1984) learning cycle: experience – what happened; reflection on the experience, – your feelings about what happened, impact on you; theorisation – why did this occur, what’s happening, is there a general process occurring in this incident to learn from; apply learning – what does this suggest to you in the development of your practice of leading.
• The assignment seeks you to examine one or a few of these incidents
o What occurred and when did this occur – outline something of the context – and what was the outcome
o Select relevant leadership theories to examine this incident and dig deep to give a critical appreciation of what might be occurring (if you examine a number of incidents you might see these as an episode linking incidents and then use different theories on each – a form of serial narrative)
o In light of the theoretical examination what does this suggest for the development of your leadership practice
Remember a combination of depth and reflection is the key. Please do not simply describe theories – assume I know these. Rather apply the theories to give depth of insight that is useful to you. Depth is important to both the examination and reflection. So if you grab a theoretical theme – such as authentic leadership, transformational leadership, relational leadership, distributed leadership – then do not accept these at face value, critique them and then apply them.
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