Closing and the opening of Japan

| February 3, 2014

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I will attach 2 sources you need to use Here are some guidelines Write a two-page essay summarizing and comparing any two of our primary source documents. Your essay should be analytical; that is, it should include not only a brief summary of each source’s main points or arguments, but also a comparison that tells the reader something about the times, or the authors purposes and rhetorical strategies, or problems they faced and how they were approaching them, and so on. It is not necessary to go through each and every part of a source in detail; feel free to provide a very brief overview and then focus on particular parts or aspects that make for interesting comparison. Your essay should: –have a title, preferably one that points to the main issue(s) or foreshadows your conclusion(s). Examples: The Changing Meanings of Civilization in Nineteenth-century East Asia, Nationalism and Imperialism in Prewar Japan, Korean Women, Struggles for Equality.
Must contain an introduction that identifies your sources and states or foreshadows your thesis (argument). Examples of thesis statements: Hideyoshi’s letter to a Portuguese viceroy and the Qianlong emperor edicts to George III demonstrate that before 1800 East Asian rulers had little regard for Europeans. Although Japan’s political system was becoming more democratic by the 1920s, ruling elites were still bent on controlling the thoughts and actions of common people. clearly indicate the author (if known) and title of each source, and briefly note what kind of document it is (e.g., the script for a puppet show about a famous incident in Tokugawa Japan, proclamations by the Taiping rebels in nineteenth-century China, a Korean reformer’s essay on the meaning of civilization). Assume that the reader has never heard of them. –have a main body containing your summaries and analyses. –quote or otherwise draw on specific passages, citing page numbers in parentheses. The essay should not be a string of quotations (that would reduce their effect), but a few key (and short) quotations can be very effective in driving your points home. –have a brief conclusion. This can be a short paragraph (two or three sentences) summarizing or otherwise closing your argument.
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Were Japan’s Imperialist goals any different from the Imperialist goals any different than those of nineteenth century European imperialism?
Brahmagupta from 598 - 670 A.D

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