Clinical Management of Pressure Ulcers in the Geriatric Patient

| September 29, 2015

Clinical Management of Pressure Ulcers in the Geriatric Patient

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Guidelines for the Management of a Selected Health Problem
A Paper

The student will select a health problem topic relevant to FNP practice as it pertains to the care of the adult or geriatric population. This must be a different entity than the student?s summer health topic. The student?s topic must be submitted to their assigned grading faculty for approval no later than August 30, 2015 @ 5pm CST. Each student must choose a different topic. Topics must be submitted to faculty by email. If two students request the same topic, the student who requested the topic first will be assigned the topic and the other will have to choose another.
The paper is due October 1, by 12 MN Central Time and must be submitted via the BB Assignment Link to the grading center. A final copy of the paper minus the grading rubric and reference page will also need to be submitted to the TurnIt In link under the Assignments section by the due date. This will allow only faculty to view the originality report. The paper is an original individual student assignment, not group work. Plagiarism will result in a grade of ?0? for the assignment. The paper should include at least eight (8) references from professional peer-reviewed journals within the last 5 years (none prior to 2010). The paper must follow the outline given on the grading rubric on the next page.

The length of the paper must be between 8-10 pages (not including title page and reference list). The paper must be written in current APA format, double-spaced, headings (use sections of paper as headings), and a running head with page numbers. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font. Be sure to carefully proofread your paper before submission.

For the Clinical Management component of the paper, the student must search
appropriate professional databases to identify published clinical guidelines/evidence-based practice guidelines for the selected health problem. These guidelines must be incorporated into the clinical management section of the paper. The source
(agency organization) of the guidelines must be identified in the paper and included in
the reference list.
Internet sources are more current than textbook. Search also

There are several new library resources and journals available for students to search for information. Go to Review the databases for relevancy to your topic and discipline.

A few recommended databases to review include Access Medicine, CINAHL Complete, Evidence-
Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Nursing, Health Source, National Guideline Clearinghouse,
Nurse Best Practices Guidelines, Ovid, ProQuest, PubMed, SAGE, and U.S. Census Bureau. Follow
the instructions to type in topic and any relevant terms to the database search engine and any
other parameters. This will allow you to view scholarly articles or texts that may pertain to your
topic and assist you in the writing of your paper.

Evaluation Criteria Points Earned

Introduction: *Overview of the problem and its 6
Significance (incidence, factors that
influence or impact)

The Problem: *Etiology/Pathophysiology of the problem 6
*Describe the clinical presentation that 12
is most usually seen and what should be
included in the patient assessment (focus for
the PE, any labs or other diagnostic testing)
*What differential diagnoses are most commonly 6
included when trying to determine this diagnosis
or problem and why would you include each?

Management: Protocol for NP management of the 30
problem, including:

Treatment plan, which should include any
clinical guidelines you used as a basis for
management, medications used to treat
the problem, patient teaching concerning
the problem, and any health promotion
concerns and disease prevention measures
that should be utilized.

(Specify the source of the clinical guidelines
and whether they are evidence-based, talk about
the choice of your meds and how they work/are
metabolized. For such a significant number of
points, this section should be fully developed)

Expected Patient
Outcomes: Discuss the expected treatment outcomes for this 10
Health problem and the time frame for these outcomes.
How would you determine that the expected outcomes
Were achieved?

Discuss the point at which you as the NP would 10
stop managing this as a complex problem and how
you would plan to refer the patient
(who would you refer to and why?)

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Current Events Journal 1international study)
Anay Confirmation and Validation of Empiric Knowledge in Practice Order Description Reflection Questions to answer in APA format. 1. 1. Consider a theory-validating research project you would like to conduct in a clinical nursing environment. Would necessary resources be available? If not, why not? 2. 2. Based on your clinical experience, consider which sorts of practical validation methodologies might work in the various settings you’ve encountered and which might not. 3. 3. Consider a specific practice setting you are familiar with. For implementation of confirmation and validation of empiric knowledge in practice, which factors about the setting do you think would facilitate the research, and which would provide significant challenges? 4. 4. Propose a Nursing Diagnosis that is not currently in the taxonomy. Why is the diagnosis important? Propose some diagnostic criteria.

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